Do It December

The key to this business is retailing, moving products, following up with customers, going director, being a product of the product, and then duplicating the process through your entire organization. Retail, Residual, Repeat.

One of our goals for 2021 is to make sure that everyone has equal opportunity to win and to be recognized.

I realize as a leader that proximity is power, and there are a lot of diamonds and gold in this organization that have been producing but may have been overlooked. This is an opportunity for you to ensure that you earn a check every week, and that you are recognized, and your leaders know who you are.

Congratulations — Let’s Go Comma Club!

Rules To Enter

1. Earn at least $1k per week in retail
2. Sell 50 products per week (products must have 40 cv)
3. Must be on 120 smartship

New proof must be submitted each week to be in that Monday’s raffle!

Fill Out The Form Below To Submit Your Entry

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